Photography. My Passion. My Life.


Auteur: Fan Ho

Editeur: WE Press Co. Ltd.

A propos: 2021 marks the fifth anniversary of Fan Ho’s passing and what would have been his 90th birthday. To commemorate and celebrate his lifetime achievements, Blue Lotus Gallery is pleased to present a brand new publication “Photography. My Passion. My Life.”, bundling the best of Fan Ho’s work, to be published by WE Press and released in December 2021.

This photo-book contains a selection of 138 photos by the celebrated photographer, intertwining his internationally renowned works with those that have yet to be released. The book contains an essay “My Quest” written by Fan Ho himself in the 70’s, explaining his own practice and his stylistic journey as he was influenced by different movements in photography occurring at that time. Through his essay, we learn about his interpretations of aesthetics, poetics, philosophy and synergy, as seen in his photographs.

Fan Ho transitioned from the world of photography to the film industry while maintaining his enthusiasm for art. This transition is examined in an academic essay written by Dr. Timmy Chen, who is currently researching on Fan Ho’s cinema, further elaborated in an essay and personal interpretation by Law Kar, a veteran film researcher and personal friend of Fan Ho.

As per the Fan Ho family, “Fan Ho will always have a special place in our hearts, and we feel closer to him through the lasting legacy of his work. We know we will continue to discover something refreshing every time we look at his unforgettable images, be they portrayals of a bygone era or of the endurance of the human spirit.”

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