Chinese Wet Market Handbook – In English


Auteur: Pam Shookman

Editeur: Blacksmith Books

A propos: Have you ever wondered about that wacky-looking fruit staring back at you in the local wet market? Or did you want to know how to cook a particular Chinese vegetable, but don’t have the language skills? The Chinese Wet Market Handbook gives you the answers! This pocket-sized guidebook, designed to be taken out shopping with you, identifies fresh produce commonly found at Asian food markets. Each item is identified by a photo, its English name, its romanised Cantonese name with tones, and its name in full-form Chinese characters. The guide explains traditional signage in Chinese characters, including weights and measures, and indicates whether a food is locally produced. Whether you’re a resident who wants to shop at food markets but lacks the linguistic and culinary know-how, or a tourist who wants to explore the culinary sights, this handy guide will help you navigate your way around one of the liveliest and most colorful parts of Asia’s food scene.

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