Book signing and talk wih Stéphanie Stiernon


Tuesday July 14


From 3pm until 4pm


At Parenthèses bookshop

« Iwi ou la promesse de vie » – “Iwi or the promise of life” tells the story of a boy named Iwi.

It is a story of life, the singing of life. In Iwi’s tribe, the birth of child starts with music. Each child has his own melody that will guide him for life. “IWI ” is a palindorme that means “people” in the sense of belonging to a tribe.

This book is a tribute to music. It is a tribute to the melody of life.

We invite readers wether children or adults to listen to the melody of Iwi.

Can you hear it? Take the time to listen to your own melody. Does it resonate within you?
Each illustration is hand made. Assia Bennani managed to mesh her North African origins and her love of Asia to create the illustrations for the book.

Stéphanie Stiernon is the writer of this amazing story. She grew up in Belgium, lived a decade in Switzerland and is currently based in Hong Kong. Curious by nature and a keen traveller, she went from banker to writer. Stephanie is the mother of three children

Assia Benassia is the talented illustrator of Iwi. Born in Morocco, she went to Paris to study interior design, lived in Hong Kong for more than a decade and is now based in London. Her longing to explore new horizons has taken her into the world of graphic design, mural art and illustration of books for children. Assia is the mother of two boys