Our services


Parenthèses gives you access to all the French press you can possibly dream of. Please stop by the bookshop to subscribe to your favorite magazines or newspaper or to browse our press corner.

For subscriptions, you have a choice of having magazines sent directly to your home or office or to come to our bookshop to pick them up.


Every year, 8 books are carefully chosen by the French publisher “L’École des Loisirs” and are offered on a fixed subscription basis according to 8 age categories from kindergarten to high school. You can either choose to pick up the books at the bookshop or to have them sent to your home or office address.


We work hand in hand with publishers to provide you with the possibility to order books at Parenthèses and to receive them within 15 days. Do stop by to place an order, we will be happy to help.

All you need is a title or the name of the author…. we will take care of the rest.


A wide selection of French stationery brands such as Clairefontaine, Quo Vadis and Rhodia are available at the bookshop. Come and browse our beautiful notebooks that will inspire you to write and draw.


French films are available for purchase at the bookshop. From classics to the latest comedies, you will find DVDs for the whole family.


Are you teaching or learning a second language? At Parenthèses you will find all the necessary textbooks, CDs and dictionaries to learn how to read, write or converse in French, Spanish, Chinese or Russian.